6 Must-Have Websites to Use Throughout College

The internet has millions of websites. As a college student, you want to know which ones are relevant to your studies and which ones are total crap that need to be avoided. This is a tough call but fortunately, we take the stress out of it. In this article, we narrow it down to the 6 websites that every college student needs to know. Whether you are a freshman or have been around for some time, we’ve got you covered. Continue reading to unmask these insanely useful websites for college students.

1. Rate My Professors

Choosing the right professors is the first thing you need to do and thanks to Rate My Professors, you actually can.
Built by college students, the website is specifically intended to help you pick the right professors and avoid the bad ones that can make your life miserable. It contains 14 million user ratings for more than 1.3 million professors. Not to mention that it has 7000 schools. You can choose a professor which students have rated well. This way, you can never get it wrong with your professors. It even lists the best-rated professors and the best schools in the US. It is a very resourceful website for any college student.

2. Copyscape

This website helps students determine the level of plagiarism in their work. It’s also simple to use. For just $10, you can use their premium services to check how unique your assignment is before you present it to your professor. Just copy your work and paste it on their website and it will check the whole web for any match. Every check is charged 5 cents, which means that for $10, you get 200 checks.

3. Overdrive

With Overdrive, you can forget about ever paying for books. Overdrive gives you access to book materials that Amazon charges for. For instance, when you come across a kindle version of a book that’s being charged by Amazon, you can use Overdrive and your library account to have the book sent to your iPad for entire reading free of charge.

4. Scholarship-positions.com

This website helps students get financial aid. It has the best local, national and international scholarships. If you are looking for a website that keeps you posted on the latest scholarships available, no one does it better than the guys at scholarship-positions.com. It even lets you browse the scholarship opportunities in your native country.

5. Glass Door

Glass Door is designed to help students who are both looking for internship opportunities and those looking to get hired for the first time. It basically helps you choose the company to work for and avoid those bad ones.

Glass Door allows you to research companies according to how they have been rated by current or past employees. You will be able to see specific jobs’ salaries as well as learn how different companies conduct their interviews. This information is very important in helping you make the right decision when choosing the company to work for. Plus, it also allows you to search for available internships and jobs, which is something that makes the website a one-stop shop for individuals looking for work.

6. Mint.com

Mint.com is a free budgeting app/website that helps students to make sense of their financial situations. It helps you develop smart money saving skills and generally helps you become a better user of money. After you’ve signed up with Mint.com, you simply have to link your credit card and bank accounts and Mint will give you your statements and even organize them in budget categories. It will show you how you are spending your money. This way, you can easily track your spending.

A Special Bonus – The OpenStudy

Do you hate studying alone? Do you want some help on a certain assignment?
Well, OpenStudy can be of great help to you. OpenStudy is a great community of studying students. You will meet students currently studying the same subjects as you. This means you can ask them for help where you are stuck and share with them important tips and info.

There are literally thousands of websites on the internet and you want to know which ones are useful for you as a college student and the bad ones to avoid. Whether you are looking for some academic help, want financial aid or want to choose a professor, the above websites will help you a lot.

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