Great Software Choices for Students of All Majors

Getting ready for college after a long summer break is often stressful, especially the thought of endless assignments. However, if you are a student in this golden technology age, college life can be more enjoyable. There are great software choices for students of all majors out there. Most of these are free and they are all designed to make your new school year softer than the last.


Every student knows the stress of collecting articles, handling a library, and even worse, creating citations. Zotero is a free tool that helps you solve all these issues. This software was originally a Firefox add-on but has lately become available for Safari and Chrome, as well as through its separate desktop version. It works on Mac, Linux and PC.

Zotero makes it simple to gather research papers off the web, find important articles in your library, attach PDFs and sync it across PCs. This software, with the help of LibreOffice or Microsoft Word plug-in, takes the pain out of bibliography and citations by doing all the weighty lifting for you using any of the main citation styles.


For every college student, there is a lot of work to do including doing basic stats, writing papers, creating presentations and reading. Regardless of what you are studying or where, you are going to be performing these tasks every now and then. In spite of student discounts, Microsoft Office Suite may range between 80 and 140 dollars.

LibreOffice 4 has a powerful Calc, Writer and Impress Programs with which it offers a free and competent alternative to Microsoft’s Excel, Word and PowerPoint. LibreOffice covers nearly all features you will get in Microsoft’s tools and can open and save like any Microsoft document with a minimum learning curve. Besides, LibreOffice’s free suite includes Base, Draw, and Math. This software is available in Mac, Linux and PC.


Your PDF library is for more than just organization and citations. Students have to skim through many articles, examining figures, underlining essential parts and adding their own notes. If possible, you should be able to refer back to these notes and articles studying and reading

ReadCube is a PDF manager which has a built-in PDF reader and it makes it easy to find, read and collect articles. This software identifies your articles and turns them into a searchable database which also includes your highlights and notes. Discovering new articles is ReadCube’s specialty, with powerful features including turning all citations into links, finding quick lists of all articles that cite the one you are reading, and presenting a listing of related articles you may be interested in.

Audio Notetaker

Attending lectures and taking notes is a big part of being a student. Every now and then, you might be in the constant dilemma whether to listen to the lecture or to try taking notes. Audio Notetaker is a grand product that brings this plight to an end.

Audio Notetaker examines recorded audio to create easy-to-navigate speech bars. You can improve these bars with text, images, colors, slides, screenshots and PDF documents, and add references and text to boost. Audio Notetaker can be used to record interviews, live lectures, Skype calls and online talks. With this software, a student is able to concentrate on listening while taking short notes, and easily study the recorded material later.

Some note-making techniques are less than perfect, for instance, printing out slide decks then writing on them or copying and pasting pictures into a word processor. Using, you can solve the note-taking problem. This free software is more than a mere note-taking app. It is a complete platform for students as well as teachers. After creating a course in the system, anybody can upload PowerPoint slides, Microsoft Word docs or the course’s PDFs. The whole class can join in to either collaborate on notes or make their own personal ones.

Although does not currently support highlighting, you can tie slides to specific points on the slide for a trouble-free reference. The lecture panel, presently available only by request, also offers some trends as well as insights into the behavior of the class. is an excellent alternative to platforms provided by the university, and its aspects can give classes a boost.

The growing abundance of original and helpful tools make learning enjoyable. Regardless of what you are studying, your college days can be less stressful with the above software.

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