The Best Places to Learn About Law Online

Law school is difficult. This is something that most law students will tell you. What makes it so difficult is the large amount of information students have to absorb such as case studies, legal jargon, forms and briefings among others. However, the effort, time and money you put in studying law all pays off once you graduate and you get a well-paying job. The good news is that there are a lot of resources online that can help you with your studies. These online platforms have a lot of information on various levels of your study. The following are some of the best places to learn about law online.

Law School Toolbox

This is a very useful resource for beginning law students. It is important that you get it right from the beginning if you want to be a successful law student. Law School Toolbox is primarily about succeeding on law school examinations. It has valuable tips on passing exams, and once you sign up, you get exams guidelines emailed to you weekly. Besides, you can have course units emailed to you. The topics available include case briefing, in-class note taking, preparing for class as well as other fascinating issues to beginner law students.

Advanced Advocates

This is a collaborative online platform for law students and it is packed with relevant features and content designed entirely for law students. This site has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to review case briefs, edit or create and search for case briefs by subject, authors and party name. You can hold case discussions, review clerk ratings and share outlines. Besides, this online portal has group creation capacity.


This is yet another good place to learn about law online. LawLink is a social network for law students and professionals. The services offered in this site include public profile creation, networking, top news, sharing of legal documents and a question and answer section. Joining this site can be beneficial as a student as you get quality information on various law matters from the experts on the site. You get to learn of the top news and how to deal with various legal cases.


Justia offers legal resources for attorneys. Coincidentally, lots of this information can be helpful to law students. Since you are aspiring to be a great lawyer one day, it is important to be enlightened on what is happening in the real world. The information available on this site includes research, latest legal cases in the news and legal practice. It also has a blog section that covers countless blogs on matters of law.

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Law.Com Dictionary

There are countless legal definitions that one has to deal with as a law student or a lawyer. Knowing these legal terms is important in determining whether or not you will be a successful law student or professional. This online portal is a broad list of almost all legal terms known to man. Every term in the list is followed by its definition. This invaluable online resource has all legal jargon covered. As a law student or professional, this is a site that you will find yourself referring to repeatedly. Besides, this is a great place to find information and your daily news regarding your field.

Social Media Law Student

This is a very popular blog with a lot of valuable information for law students. This online portal focuses on connecting lawyers with new technologies with the hope of making law practice a lot easier. SMLS has a group of the most technologically savvy lawyers, law students and other legal professionals. Information found in this site covers the most recent legal trends, apps, technologies as well as social networking tools. Whether you are a law student or an attorney, there is plenty of helpful information you can learn about law from this site.

ESQChat blogs

Finally, ESQChat is also on the list of the best places to learn about law online. To be a member in this forum, you have to be a practicing lawyer. However, that should not worry you if you are a law student as there is a lot of helpful information for you on the Blog Categories page. These blogs are accessible even to non-members. There are hundreds of these blogs in various categories and from them you are sure to get some interesting and helpful content.

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